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Cover page » San Finx Mining Museum

San Finx Mining Museum

Declared as a Point of Geological Interest by the Geological Mining Institute of Spain.

The San Finx mines are an extraordinary opportunity to travel back in time and in the memory of a town, that of Lousame, whose history is closely linked to mining.

The San Finx mining site is present in the universal history of mining since the Bronze Age, with an essential role in the trade of the Phoenicians. In the late Middle Ages the exploitation of tin continues, probably destined for the tin and silver goldsmiths' workshops in Santiago de Compostela. But it is the end of the 19th century when San Finx acquires greater historical relevance, with the creation of the British company The San Finx Tin Minies Limited: the first tungsten exploitation started in Spain and one of the first in Europe.

SCHEDULE FOR GUIDED VISITS: Tuesday to Sunday (scheduled in advance for groups of more than 10 people)
Web: concellodelousame.gal
Reservation phone: 679 583 332 or 981 820 494